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made in Canada is made up of a loosely-knit group of creative professionals who have been making websites together since the 20th Century

Pete Gray is the chief coder and project co-ordinator. He started coding with 6502 assembler language back in '78. His personal website is nothing like a site - it contains thousands of files and has a whole whack of vintage java content dating back to 1997.

Cindy McGlynn is a writer, researcher, editor, photographer, and design consultant who writes HTML. She has a journalism degree and often appears in the Globe and Mail. Her website, is a perfect example of a website.

Robert Clarke is a graphic artist and cartoonist. He made the logo, and lots of the other graphics that appear on our sites. His website is waiting to be spun into a true site.

Steve Bellerby is a teacher, educator, hang-glider, and so much more. He does a lot of our photography, and finds us great deals on computer hardware when we need it. He does not have a web site.

Please contact us at the address below for more information. Don't forget to visit some of our sites.

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