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Please visit some of these stylish, simple websites we have built. Some, but not all, are perfect examples of an on-line promotional package.
Cindy McGlynn is a Toronto based writer and researcher who specialized in food and wine writing for newspapers and television. She wanted her site to look "grapey"! - Lots of food, wine, and fun!

Scott Young Photography
Scott Young is a Muskoka Wedding Photographer, his website is all about showcasing his photographs. The look is based on black granite and white gold.
Scott Young Photography - Wedding Photographer, Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

The Brothers Countrypolitan
The Countrypolitans are an old school country band from the big city. They wanted their site to have a look reminiscent of old 'blue note' jazz recordings.
The Countrypolitans

Undecided .com
A news and information site targeted at undecided voters in the United States. They wanted their site to have a "progressive news service" feel.
Undecided .com - news, views, and information by and for the Great Undecided
Rob Clarke is a cartoonist whose website has a 'cartoonie' look and feel, sparse, tactile, and fresh. Rob works on other websites as well. - You name it, we'll make fun of it!

Pineapple Pete
Pete plays Hawaiian music on a Lap Steel Guitar. He wanted his site to be warm, fresh, and relaxing. This is a very standard musician's site, with pics, info, and audio clips.
Pineapple Pete - Hawaiian Steel Guitar

PUSH the envelope bags
PUSH designs and creates the finest messenger bags in the world. PUSH supplied the logo and graphics, we did the rest.
Push The Envelope - Life-simplifying bags for cyclists and messengers
Yes, we made our own website. The simple, easy-to-navigate format suits our purposes as well as those of creative individuals. - simple online promo kits for creative people

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