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The most Frequently Asked Question:
What's so great about a web site?

Here are our Top Ten answers:

  • 10 - It's Easy

  • Most people who need a simple website have content such as bios, photos, sound clips, or whatever it is that is part of their self-promotion toolkit. We just chop it, slice it, dice it, and put it all together into one of our signature easy-to-navigate sites. With as much or as little guidance from you as you please.

  • 9 - We're Resourceful

  • If you need text, photos, graphics, design, or any other content for your website, we have a good team of people and we can arrange it.

  • 8 - Simple Websites

  • Information is always organized in a simple, easy to navigate way. No clusters of multiple navigation bars to send visitors every which way. If you have clippings, and someone is looking for your clippings, they can always get right there. No scrollbars, no submenus or hard-to-find links.

  • 7 - Flexible Development

  • All our web pages are hand-spun HTML documents, with traditional gif's and jpegs, so if you ever want to continue development yourself, or with another party, everything from your website can be used. By anyone.

  • 6 - Site Portability

  • We use only the most trusted web deployment technologies, so you will always be able to move your website to any hosting server you want.

  • 5 - We can Help

  • If you need help understanding what a hosting server is, or where to find one that is trustworthy, or anything related to establishing your presence on the www, we'll be glad to help.

  • 4 - Powerful Promotional Value

  • Using traditional and bleeding-edge search engine principles, we help you get found by exactly the people you want to get found by. Once they've found you, they will be impressed by your content, not baffled by your home page.

  • 3 - Stylish Presentation

  • Every website has a motif that reflects it's content and the tastes of it's owner. Usually affordable websites have a very generic style - ours are just for you!

  • 2 - Fun

  • Our sites can be as colourful and witty as you want. Because our websites are developed by and for artists and media people, 'character' is something we're fluent in. Our sites have soul! We run the gamut from casual straight-laced to fruity.

  • 1 - Affordable

  • Any of the examples from the 'Our Sites' page could be developed from basic content (text, photos, audio clips) for well under $1000.

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